Berlin is Germany's capital and largest town, and one in all its sixteen constituent states. With a population of around three.7 million, Berlin is that the most densely inhabited town and also the sixth mosory consists of gardenst densely inhabited geographical region within the EU. Placed in north-eastern European country on the banks of the Spree and Havel rivers, it's the middle of the metropolitan space of Berlin-Brandenburg that has around 6 million inhabitants from over a hundred and eighty nations. Berlin is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate, outstanding to its position within the European Plain. Around one third of the city's territ, rivers, canals, woods, parks, and lakes.

Since the 2000s a cosmopolitan entrepreneurial scene has arisen in Berlin. Berlin is a town with politics, culture, the media and science round the world. Its economy is concentrated on advanced corporations and also the service sector, encompassing a spread of innovative media companies, markets, testing facilities, and conference venues. Berlin acts as a European entryway for air and rail transport, and Public transport.

Berlin's set of experiences has left the city with a polycentric association and an exceptionally varied cluster of design and structures. The city's appearance today has been prevalently moulded by the key job it played in Germany's set of experiences during the twentieth century.